Eminent Domain Law

The attorneys at Demorest Law Firm, PLLC have particular experience protecting clients’ rights when their property interests are threatened, or taken, by governmental authorities for public use.

In condemnation cases, we help to ensure that the governmental exercise of its power is authorized and, if so, that our clients’ rights to just and full compensation are honored and protected.

In inverse condemnation cases, we help our clients obtain just compensation in circumstances where a public project causes property damage, loss of property value, or results in the property being essentially taken or occupied,

The firm represented the prevailing parties in two precedent-setting inverse condemnation cases in Michigan, both of which resulted in large jury verdicts for our clients. In Merkur Steel Supply, Inc. v City of Detroit and Steel Associates, Inc. v City of Detroit, we obtained jury verdicts of $6.8 Million and $4 Million, which were subsequently affirmed by the Michigan Court of Appeals and Michigan Supreme Court. In these cases, our clients were tenants of commercial property in the City of Detroit. The City of Detroit interfered with the operation of their businesses because the City of Detroit planned to acquire the property where the tenants were located. We proved that the City of Detroit had improperly interfered with the property rights of the tenants and the damages suffered by the tenants as a result.

Condemnation and inverse condemnation proceedings are extremely technical and require the skill and expertise of an attorney with specific experience in these cases.